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I agree completely with the need for a high VHF UHF antenna. I would suggest one of the larger combo antennas Antennacraft HBU 44-55, or Winegard HD7697 as I do not believe the VHF gain of the Stellar Labs 30-2440 will be adequate. What I have read so far about the Stellar Labs antenna has been very good, and if your VHF signals were stronger I would agree with that choice. Another thought is one of the other stronger PBS signals from a different direction just might sneak in there on the Stellar Labs antenna. I just want to mention I ran across another source for what appears to be the same antenna.
ANTOP V/UHF-272 HDTV VHF UHF Outdoor Triple Threat Deep Fringe Yagi Antenna
Good photos. A bit higher price. More reviews to read.


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Steve, Thanks for the link with reviews for that Stellar Labs antenna. While I can vouch for the performance and construction of the UHF version of this antenna, I have no hands on experience with the UHF/VHF version - although it's pretty much the same antenna with VHF elements added.

I would agree that the VHF section is not as sensitive as the UHF, but at 10 DB gain the pbs7 station @ 133 degrees should be doable (even though I suspect the gain figures to be inflated on the Stellar Labs antennas). If the OP aims @ 133, it should come in. If it's spotty, an amp like the RCA TVPRAMP1R Preamplifier should clear that up. The same antenna is also for sale on Amazon (same price but higher shipping cost), which has an excellent return policy if it doesn't work out.

I think the Antennacraft HBU-33 could do the job as well. The HBU-44 or HBU-55 would work, too, but they're probably a bit of overkill.

I'll also recommend that the OP tries a few different locations for mounting before permanently installing whatever antenna he chooses since there are a lot of 1- and 2-edge signals.
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Wow I got a lot to learn but got to start somewhere. I don't mind overkill or a little pricy just want it to work and stay away from junk.
Thanks a lot guys


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If overkill and price isn't a concern, I would go with the HBU-44 or HBU-55. I just mentioned the "overkill factor" because sometimes people don't want to put a big "ugly" antenna on their house. (Usually the Mrs!) Larger antennas also require a more sturdy mount.
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Fringe Reception

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:welcome: Hotrod,

I'm not as optimistic about receiving WGTV-8 as Steve is. You may need to combine a dedicated high-band VHF Yagi with whatever UHF antenna you choose. That's easily done (inexpensively) using a UVSJ signal joiner for less than ten dollars.

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