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I'm planning on building one to leave in my attic when I move out later this Summer (I'm losing my rental due to my landlord defaulting on his mortage, and I want to leave future residents the option of free wireless DTV). I don't have any personal experience, but a poster on AVS, who built one in Denver, was able to pick up KLWY from Cheyenne WY (about 90-100 miles) indoors without a reflector.


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A G-H is on my list of projects. But not yet.

Since I generally build outdoor antennas, a G-H is not as easy to make as a 4 bay bowtie.


Same basic design as the G1483 4-bay and that one works a bit better than the U4000 4-bays, both made by Antennacraft. The only criticism I have for the G1483 is that the plastic used to attach the reflectors to the antenna is really cheap and will break easily.

One might be better off making their own version of that antenna instead of buying it even though the loss of reflector elements doesn't seem to effect it's performance.