Antenna Cable?


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RG-6, quad shield. Brand is not as important. Keep it as short as you can, without kinking, and use quality connectors.
QS usually isn't necessary, standard RG6 will do just fine in almost all circumstances.

Heck, for really short runs, say up to 25', RG59 is usually okay unless you're in weak signal territory.
Yeah, but RG-6 quad costs almost nothing anyhow. Especially for short runs. Even if it only means you miss 2 minutes of a good show 2 or 3 years down the road, it's got to be worth the extra quarter. Everyone gets a tenuous signal once in a blue moon.


The only advantage that Quad Shield has over standard RG6 is better rejection of signal ingress from extraneous sources. Unless you're in an electrically noisy environment, there's usually isn't any performance advantage.

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