antenna for digital tv

About 2 months ago I lost a couple of stations. I'm chalking it up to the fact that using tinfoil connected to the back of my converter box is not going to get me by anymore for digital tv.

What's a good antenna? I don't care what it looks like but I can't mount it outside. I'm on the second floor of an apartment complex.


:welcome:, Zeke!

You've got some seriously strong signals if tinfoil worked so well as an antenna for a number of months!

Before getting a new antenna, try re-setting the converter box. They're little computers that need to be re-started now and again to rid the memory of sludge, just like laptops and desktops -- sludge that can interfere with reception of some channels. First, try simply unplugging the box for at least five minutes, then plug it back in and try the missing channels. If they don't come back, try re-scanning for channels again. If you still can't tune the MIA channels, follow the instructions in The Memory Erase Scan.

If you still need a new antenna after that, you won't need anything fancy or pricey. Just get an inexpensive pair of rabbit ears that's made for both VHF signals (the two long antenna dipoles that are the "ears") and UHF signals (a smallish loop of some kind between the "ears"). Check out local dollar stores; they sometimes have antennas like this. Otherwise, they're available at discounters and electronics stores for $10 or so. Don't buy anything with an amplifier in it -- that could make reception worse amid strong signals -- and definitely don't spend more than $20, because those fancy super-duper antennas in slick packages often don't perform any better than simple rabbit ears will.
I unplugged the converter box and shook it a bit and no sludge came out. What's next? Just kidding. :)

I did a rescan but still didn't pick up the channels but it looks like I'm supposed to actually do a scan with the antenna unplugged. Might try that again tonight. Thanks for your help.