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Your signals are spread out across about 180 degress, so I an going to suggest one of the hinged 8 bay antennas. Point one section to about 270 degrees, the other to about 150. A lot of your stations appear to be translators and LP (low power), so I'm not sure what you will get. But for sure you will get ABC, NBC, CBS and PBS. For the others, go to RabbitEars.Info and enter your location. It should tell you what network each station broadcasts.

Suggested antennas:
Solid Signal Xtreme Signal HDB8X

Stellar Labs 30-2430

Antennas Direct DB8e
The Solid Signal and the MCM "Stellar Labs" antennas are the same thing, a Qiaohua AV-948DT(Uhf TV Antenna, Uhf Outdoor Antenna, Best Uhf Antenna). Both selling companies badly mis-state the gain of the antenna at an incredible 25 dB. It would appear that both companies took the stated gain for the Qiaohua 4-bay antenna (10-14 dB) and said "Well it's two of them,so multiply that gain by 2!" has been selling the same antenna as the Digiwave ANT-7288 for several years. Laughably, they claim 20-36 dB gain.
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I would believe that the gain would be about the same on the Stellar Labs, etc... whatevers... to be about the same as the old DB8 when facing the same direction, and less than half when pointed independently. Just a guess, as I don't have one that I can play with.

I sure wish I could play with all those Qiaohua antennas... quite a lot of variety. Uhf Antennas, Best Uhf Antenna, Uhf TV Antennas For Sale

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:welcome: wwron,

Others here will disagree but I think if you could put a 2-Bay panel antenna (like a DB2) WAY up in the air facing SSW, that might be a solution for you.

I'd guess that the Chinese 8-bays probably are indeed roughly equivalent to the DB8. Their peak gain is also way up around 850+ MHz which means their useful gain at channel 51 is probably down to only 13-15 dBi.

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