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Hey folks, I recently cut the cord and have been absorbing as much information as I can about antennas and OTA signals. Before really understanding what I was doing, I ordered one of the cheap chinese Esky antennas from amazon and have not really gotten the performance out of it that I would like.

I have it mounted on the eave of my roof after mediocre performance in the attic. What kind of antenna/amplifier do I need to reliably get the VHF stations (NBC and CBS) from West Palm Beach shown in the TV Fool report? I get excellent reception with everything above those on the list.

TV Fool Report


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We don't know what Esky antenna you have. Adding the following additional components may fix your problem.

Stellar Labs Fringe Directional Antenna VHF-HI HDTV 174 - 230MHz | 30-2475 (302475) | Stellar Labs

Stellar Labs UHF - VHF Antenna Combiner | 33-2230 (332230) | Stellar Labs

Or switching to a dual band antenna such as this:

Stellar Labs VHF/UHF HDTV 60 Mile Fringe Yagi Antenna | 30-2440 (302440) | Stellar Labs

may be a better choice. NBC and CBS are both on VHF-Hi (RF channels 7-13) Depends on what antenna you have now.


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Update: I received the antenna yesterday and mounted it today. It's on a length of galvanized pipe and is sitting about 20' high. I'm still have similar issues with reception. The local NBC and CBS affiliates are jumpy and have bad audio. What is the best way to try to clean up these signals?
I'll take some wild shots in the dark on this one. My first thought is household electrical noise. The channels involved are high VHF which is more subject to broad band electrical interference problems then UHF. I recently covered the subject a bit in this thread.
Second thought FM interference is a possibility. The second harmonic of nearby WFLM 104.5 lands on real channel 12.
An FM trap might clean things up.
FM Trap | FM-88 (FM88) | Distributed By MCM
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While your symptoms don't really match what I've seen with poor quality coax, or connectors I can't rule that out.
Aiming the antenna into trees. While VHF signals are less affected by trees the problemed signals are coming from over 50 miles away, and nearby trees, or buildings in the signal path always reduce the chance of success.
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Good to hear it's working! I really wasn't certain, but your symptoms sounded like out of band interference. I did look at an FM Fool report based upon zip code, but even then I wasn't sure it was a strong enough signal to cause a problem with both 12 and 13.

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