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I tried to use Mohu Leaf+, moving it around, I only received the following channels:
- CW, 9.5 mi, 90 true north
- CBS, 13.1 mi, 295 true north
- PBS, 13.1 mi, 296 true north
- NBC, 13.1 mi, 296 true north

I can't seem to get the following two channels that I want to complete at least the big national TVs
- ABC, 16.6 mi, 283 true north
- FOX, 16.4 mi, 172 true north.

I am thinking of getting DB8 antenna and put it in the attic. They advertised as multi-directional, but yet I read people still need two antennas to get different directions. I would appreciate helps in setting up the antenna. I don't think distance wise, it is that bad, but it seems like the terrain in PA with all the trees, a little bit more hilly terrain may have been an issue, but I am not sure why the Leaf+ fail to receive ABC and FOX. I was hoping that I would have been able to do it simply with Mohu+ and I actually took the risk and bought the open box Leaf+ that I can't return now.

Thank you in advance for your help.


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Here are the first things you need to process. TVfool predicts nice strong signals for all the stations you want (green) except for FOX (yellow). Even yellow stations aren't really that weak. I'd never use a DB8 unless I was in the TVfool red zone, even in an attic. Too much signal can give you even more problems than too little, and I suspect that the Leaf+ may even be having that problem. Now ABC on real channel 10 is a VHF-high station. All the rest are on UHF. The real challenge is to pick up FOX at 172 degrees (183 degrees magnetic) while picking up the rest of the UHF stations at 307 and 102 degrees magnetic. If it was me I'd try a reflectorless Gray-Hoverman pointed at around 145 degrees magnetic. Again the trick is to pull in FOX and the other UHF channels at the same time. Then if I had problems with ABC on channel 10 I'd get an Antennacraft Y5713, and point it at 294 degrees magnetic and connect it to the Gray-Hoverman antenna using a UVSJ.
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Thank you for the suggestion. I will try it. Now that you mentioned ABC on channel 10 being VHF-High station, I understand it a little bit now, since the real channel for ABC is 10, and Y5713 is for VHF High Channel. I really appreciate your help and I will come back to update this again once I am done building the DIY antenna and play around with the positioning.

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