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I have a Channel master CM4228HD antenna with a channel master preamp. Cable from antenna runs directly into the basement (no splits) then into the pre-amp power and then into a 4 tv splitter. I live in OConto, WI 54153 The antenna is mounted at 30 ft height on the roof. I am having trouble with 2 channels, the channels are 26.1 (nbc) and 5.1 (cbs). Fox and abc and other channels come in perfect. The channels that have issues will play for a minute or 2 and then digital stutter. Sometimes I have no issues but most of the time I have digital stutter. It seams if I go on the roof and turn the antenna a little in one direction I can stop it but then I loose other channels.


Is there a different antenna I should try.


Staff member
Please bi-pass the amp and see what happens. You shouldn't need an amp for those channels, even with a four way split. Tuner overload can cause that type of problem. An 8-bay is large for your area!!!

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