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I am thinking of going with an antenna before I look into cable pricing for this area. We do have a DISH Satellite on the roof I think I can use as a bracket. What would be a good antenna to go with? The DISH is currently mounted on the north side of the house.

EDIT: I do have a Samsung Smart TV that I got recently if that plays into this.
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I'm thinking that your best bet is a 8 bay bow tie antenna like an Antennas Direct DB8 or DB8e, or a Channel Master CM4228HD. Solid Signal also has an unproven Xtreme Signal HDB8X. You may also need a pre-amp depending on cable length and number of TVs. If you're unable to get Nebraska Educational TV from KYNE using the 8 bay, you may want a high VHF antenna to pick up KUON. Otherwise, you should be able to get all the major networks and their sub-channels on the 8 bay.
Haha, most people get DISH out there. I know of some using "old" antennas that get about 8 channels. I would say there are a few hills but few and far between :) And yes it is very rural.

Thank you for the advice on the bow tie setup. The price isn't bad on those. Any suggestions on the pre-amp? Right now only 1 TV but would like to have the setup for 2.


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I've had good experiences with Antennacraft amplifiers. Stay away from the 10G212 which was designed for analog TV. If you get one with dual inputs, and you find that you need a VHF high antenna for KUON, you can use the VHF input for that. I'd try without the amp first, then add an amp if needed. I'm seeing about 13 possible channels. ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CW, MyNetworkTV, AccuWeather, This TV, Me-TV, LiveWell, PBS, PBS World, and Create.

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