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hello, i am researching the feasibility of installing a common antenna for an 8-plex complex. i understand distribution amps significantly degrade signals but is there a kind that is designed for this kind of setup? thanks.


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If I'm reading this correctly, I believe you want to build one antenna to service 8 units. As far as signal goes, my guess is that once you run the splitters (3 all together, a double, each side going to a four off) you're worried about loss of signal to each unit, especially if they are running more than one television.

That being said, I'm thinking that a signal booster at the entry point to each unit (before they split to any televisions) is going to be your best bet. I don't know what your local cable service is like, but if they run an analog system like Time Warner still does in the northeast, you can probably locate more than one signal booster, complete with power inserter (connected by coax) to suit your needs and for little to no cash.

This *should* resolve the post splitting signal loss and alleviate the concerns of where to plug in a booster pre splitting (which, if you can, can't hurt either).

The other option, and I'm still investigating the do-ability of this, is to locate a 4-4 switch from Dish Network (again, complete with power insterter that goes inline with out port #1) and use 4 double splitters (should be less than 5dB loss on any given line, but power should boost the signal) to reach 8 units.

Just a couple ideas, but feel free to share what you do and how it works.


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It used to be a common practice in apartment buildings. It's now pretty much a lost art since the advent of cable TV.

First, you need to determine the proper antenna, please go to TVfool TV Fool and post the back results here. We can give some suggestions. Then figure out the shortest possible coax runs to the apartments. I would use a pre-amp rather than a distribution amp. Best bet would probably be a single coax from the antenna ---> amp ---> power injector ---> Splitter(s). 8-way splitters are available, it's a more elegant solution than multiple 2/3/4 way splitters.

I'll be happy to help coach you through this project.
Greg, I would definitely take up MrPogi on his offer. He is a professional antenna installer.

You definitely want one, good pre-amplifier before the splitter.

Up until 2009, the people in my apt. complex got GREAT reception, with one big antenna on the roof. Difference being we have EIGHTY (80) units, not just 8. Building mgrs husband had some health problems and let it die right after the digital transition. The excuse was "everyone gets cable now." What a waste.


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