Antenna Question (difficulty) Waupun WI 53963


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About 1 year ago my wife and I tried an amplified indoor antenna and were able to get many channels, but very intermittantly. With our frusteration we tried charter for local channels for one year for 9.99 Now after one year it is 27.99 (((For local only!!!)))

That said, we are frusterated and interested in trying a rooftop antenna or other options, but don't know what to try. This is our TV Fool TV Fool

Thank you for your help and hopefully we can cut the cord!


You're gonna need a big all channel antenna and a rotor since you have channels (potentially) coming in from all directions. Most of your channels are on the weak side but should be doable down thru the pink shaded ones on your TVFool report. You might also want to add a preamp to the mix too.

You might consider something like the AntennaCraft CCS1843 antenna but that's just a suggestion as there's many other large sized antennas that should do the job.


I wouldn't worry about an all channel antenna, since RF 15 rebroadcasts WIWN from RF 5, & RF 15 would be rather strong (if on the air like RF 5 is). If interested in Green Bay & Milwaukee stations, then an Antennacraft HBU55 or Winegard HD7698 would be the ideal choice, since Milwaukee has WMVS (PBS) on RF 8 & Green Bay has WLUK (Fox) on RF 11. All other stations are on the UHF. A rotator or 2 VHF-Hi/UHF antennas with an A/B switch for each one would be needed. If Madison stations get added, then if there are A/B/C switches available (I've seen old ones available at garage sales from time to time)use one of those, & just a UHF antenna would be needed for that market. Even though WMVS has a widescreen SD simulcast on RF 35 (VC 36.2), but if World from PBS is important, then getting the VHF signal is very important, since it's no longer available on WMVT.


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Thanks for the help so far, I have a couple of follow ups, after talking to my wife, we are interested in the Milwaukee channels most. The world channel from PBS isn't important, we just want their normal PBS broadcast for sesame street for our children. Her biggest concern is having signal lost messages on the screen like previously with our little antenna.
Lastly, is there any hope for an attic antenna? She would prefer to keep our modern looking house not having an "eyesore" if possible.

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OK, I am thinking that the 91XG is the antenna for me, now do I need or should I get a preamp?
No preamp for now: get your antenna and run coax to only one TV set for testing. 'Walk' the antenna around your roof to find the best location to mount it, and that includes trying various heights. Sometimes a height change of only a few inches up or down will prove to be the best location.

Once you are satisfied and have the antenna mounted, you can split the signal to other TV sets around your home and if you lose stations, then a preamp is needed.



I would not recommend an attic antenna in your situation just because you are so far out. If you don't need RF8, which you seem to indicate, I'd get the biggest UHF yagi antenna I could afford and point it toward 134 degrees magnetic.

Here are some suggestions:

Winegard HD9032

Winegard HD9022

Antennas Direct 91XG
Note to the OP,

be aware that if you choose one of those antennas, you most likely won't be able to receive 'real' channels 5, 8, or 11 from your TVFool report as those antennas are made for UHF channels only. Out of the three, I'd go with the 91xg too.


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Well, I finally got the antenna up on the roof and it works great for one tv, however when I split the signal to the four tvs in the house, I lose two of the stations. I am thinking a preamp is what I need,

I have been looking at the Winegard ANWI8700 and the RC TVPRAMP1R.

Any thoughts on which would work best, I have no experience with either.


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Just wanted to say thank you to everyone for your help, we have been using the RC TVPRAMP1R, and we have had consistent TV coverage for the past month, with only a few pixels showing up during inclement weather. You have all been such a great help!

Thanks again!