Antenna Reception Issues on Only 1 Sony TV -- odd?



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I have an Amazon Basics indoor antenna, 25 mile radius.

I just bought 2 of these antennas - one works beautifully. The other doesn't...I have even switched the 2 antennas between the TVs to confirm the issue is NOT a defective antenna itself. I have issues when I use either antenna on my Sony Bravia TV only. No issues on the other TV. So the issue has to be the Sony TV itself or the room it's in.

Signal strength on my Insignia TV (bedroom TV) is always 100% (per the signal strength read out). The signal strength on the Sony TV is only 87%. These 2 TVs are roughly 50 feet away from one another (living room vs bedroom, same level of the house). Interestingly, in the living room, where the Sony TV with issues is located, I have vaulted ceilings and can mount the antenna approx. 15 feet up and still not improve signal strength (whereas in the bedroom, the antenna is only mounted 5 feet up and gets 100% signal). The signal diagnostics on the Sony TV are much more detailed than the other TV. Here they are:

Signal Strength 87
Phy Ch 12
Freq (kHz) 207000
Modulation 8VSB
Status Lock
Errors 0
SNR dB 29
IF-AGC % 111
Interleaving NA

While I am able to receive all channels in the area, they have a constant interruption/jumpy/sound cut out...this happens every 20 seconds or so on every channel EXCEPT 12 (which is odd considering all our signals come from essentially the same area (see antennaweb link posted earlier). So why do I keep having the picture and sound interference on the other channels? This is making watching TV nearly impossible because it happens so frequently.

I did some research on the IF-AGC (not much out there to find) and it seems that my number should be much lower - the fact that it is over 100 indicates it is over-compensating -- which it shouldn't have to do since the signal strength is relatively high.

I have moved this antenna all over the room (as far as the cord will allow) and I can never achieve greater than 87% strength. Again, zero issues with the other TV in my house, using the same antenna (as mentioned, I already checked and it is not a defective antenna). I can't help but think it is something specific to the Sony TV causing the issue (why is it reading at only 87% when the other room has 100%?) Plus the previous paragraph about IF-AGC.

I was so ready to cut the $200 cable bill but this is creating a large bump in the road! Any help appreciated!