Question: antenna recommendation and where can i find the material to mount it with?



Here is the TVFool reading from my location TV Fool

1) What's the best antenna to get?
- if i mount it on the roof
- if i mount it on the side of the bldg

2) What direction should i point it too? based on the radar output i'm guessing south.

3) where can i find the bars to mount the antenna with?

Thank you so much


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The first question I want to ask you, is do you just want the Canadian stations, or do you want to try for the US stations out of Buffalo?

For the Canadian stations a 2 or 4 bay UHF antenna like a Antennas Direct DB2, DB4, Channel Master 4220HD or 4221HD, etc. pointed toward 214 degrees magnetic (yes that is south) would work great. These could be mounted on a satellite dish style J-mount.

If you want to try for the US I'd get the highest gain UHF antenna possible and point it toward 170 degrees magnetic. The Canadian stations would probably still come in fine. This would need a more substantial mount like a eve mount or a tripod.

As far as supplies are concerned, in the US Solid Signal has about anything you could need and good prices also. Don't know about Canada.


Thank you dkreichen 1968!

yes, i would like to get US stations from Buffalo. Eave mount or tripod then i guess. That's a really good start for me.

any thoughts on Digiwave ANT-7286 Super 8 Bay Ultra Clear Outdoor HD TV Digital Antenna vs Winegard HD-9075P UHF TV Antenna?


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I'd say a Winegard HD-9032 or possibly HD-9095, or the Antennas Direct 91XG. I wouldn't go with the Digiwave since it's a Chinese design, which I believe is actually designed for the Chinese TV band rather than the North American TV band. You are going to want a lot of gain!

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:welcome: Ekram,

I noticed your antenna survey is based at only ten feet off of the ground, which may be adequate. However, additional height (even a foot or two) may help your reception. You can usually find antenna masts and wall brackets (seen below) at Radio Shack or possibly at a small local Hardware Store such as True Value or Ace.

Here is a photo of a slick installation on the side of a building. The antenna is an old-style Channel Master 4221, the wall brackets and mast are from Radio Shack. A large antenna such as a Winegard HD-9095 could be mounted in this fashion - IF - that's where it works.

Try several locations for your antenna (walk it around) before you commit it to a certain spot.


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