Antenna Recommendation Request


Hi everyone,

I just moved into a new house and quickly disposed of the ugly dish left by the previous owners. Unfortunately, I'm without a suitable antenna for OTA channels and I was hoping for some advice on what build or purchase.

Here's my TV Fool info

I'd like to mount the antenna in either of the side attics or the main attic (two story), but I'm not sure if that's a viable option with the distances involved...


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I've successfully used an attic antenna with a less promising TVfool than yours. You could use either a combo antenna or combine a UHF antenna and VHF-Hi antenna with a UVSJ. I'd suggest using the two antenna set up since you can aim the two antennas seperately. Your probably going to want to pick up ION at 26 degrees magnetic while also picking up the main network stations from 67 degrees magnetic. A 4 bay like the new Antennas Direct DB4e and then an Antennacraft Y5713. Point the Y5713 toward 67 degrees magnetic and the DB4e toward 46 degrees magnetic.