Question: Antenna recommendation ?



Would you mind recommending an antenna for me ? Seems like Amazon is full of the "Esky" type stuff and it smells fishy.

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What is your primary objective (check the line applicable) :
I don’t want to spend much, just want a few Local Stations, Austin Networks, Mom wants to see Football.

Main Assembly:
What kind of Terrestrial Antenna do you presently have :

Is the Antenna to be/or installed:
Pole: 25 ft

Do you have an Antenna Rotator:

Are you presently using a Pre-Amplifier:

How many linear Cable feet is it between your Antenna and the most far TV:
60 ft.

How many TV sets will be/are presently being used, on this system:

How many Splitters are in use in your system :

Are you using a Distribution Amplifier:

Additional Information:
Are you/do you plan to integrate Cable or Satellite Services with this system:

Is there anything else you would like to provide concerning construction, obstructions or geographical issues?

Thanks for your help !!

Bruce, (back in Texas, tryin' to make a 92 yr old WWII Army Nurse Corps Disabled Veteran happy.)
I would have to recommend one of the larger High VHF/UHF combo antennas Antennacraft HBU44, HBU55, or Winegard HD7697P, HD7698P. None of your signals are strong, and an antenna with high VHF capability will be needed if you want to receive KTBC Fox. Start with one coax to one TV. Once signal is established you can add a splitter, and the second TV. An amplifier could help in your situation, but should be avoided if not needed as they add to the complexity of the antenna system. More to instal correctly, more parts to potentially fail, and more to trouble shoot if something does go wrong.

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:welcome: Bruce,

I like Steve's recommendation of the Winegard HD7698P because it creates decent (signal) gain for both high-band VHF and UHF. It is a large antenna so be sure to mount the mast solidly and use guy wires. Extra height may help, if that's an option for you. Please keep us posted and good luck!



Thanks Gentlemen, one and all,

The Winegard HD7698P has shipped and is on it's way, $109.97 plus $13.45 Shipping & Handling, "Sold by SolidSignal" on

I didn't consider the "Stellar Labs VHF/UHF HDTV 60 Mile Fringe Yagi Antenna 30-2440" suggestion, as I apparently got on this first thing this AM before Rickideemus posted.

I noticed, I'd forgot to check for tree obstructions, so I may have to trim some branches and/or add another 10 ft (or more, I hope not) of tower. We'll find out soon . . .

Thanks again for the very informative and extremely quick responses !!

Bruce, Gittin' some Football for mom !! (and then checkin' on the cows)
Thoughts of the smaller Winegard, Antennacraft, and the Stellar Labs antennas did cross my mind, but with 2Edge signals over 50 miles away. I think you probably have a lot better chance of good reception by going with the larger antenna.