Antenna Rotor/Motor suggestions for multiple TV's


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Hi, I am looking to get some feedback/reviews on some antenna rotor/motors that I have very limited knowledge of. First off, my last antenna rotor was prior to the advent of Cable, and it had just a box that I would spin N,S,E, and W, at the single TV my family owned. Flash forward to present day, I now live alone and and have 5 DTV's, a nice antenna on the roof that splits the signal to each TV. Now being the single dwelling bachelor I am, I do not have the need to watch more than one channel at a time, and my goals for this rotor/motor are a little different.

So the TV's I do have are scattered - bedroom, home office, kitchen, living room, home theater. I do not want to set this channel # to that direction, etc., etc... I would like a rotor like the one I had as a boy, N, S, E, and W. The issue I have that I was thinking of is that I would have to place the control/receiver center of the house and use the remote in each TV room, which might not have the range I am looking for. So the problem would be that I'd have to run to middle of the house whenever I wanted to spin the antenna a little ugh.

My question is, is there an ultra long range remote rotor, or a mini slave receiver type situation that would make my task easy? Again, it's been a long time I've looked at this technology so there's possibly something in the works that can address this problem for OTA people such as myself, if that's the case please enlighten me, any and all other suggestions are greatly appreciated.

This is just a quick search on my part. I came up with a combination of two products that could be used together in the manner you have described. I know there are other IR remote extenders on the market.
I can't endorse these products they are just what I found on a quick search for something that would seem to fill your needs.
Channel Master TV Antenna Rotator System w/ IR Remote(CM9521A) from Solid Signal
NextGen Invisible Multi-Room Remote Extender Frequency 433 (LRRX) from Solid Signal
I would use learning remotes with this type of system. I do have other ideas on how to build something similar using a two antenna switched antenna system.
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