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Looking for advice on an antenna rotor. What to buy?
Also I would like the ability to move in small increments 1-2 degrees. Left or right.
My antenna is very directional and just a small movement makes a difference.
From what i have read about the channel master is it moves in 10 degree increments. Is this true?

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New "modern" antenna rotors ALL have plastic gears and are prone to failure. However, there is a source for new (old stock) Alliance rotors that have metal gears which rarely fail, here:

If I recall correctly, Alliance rotors 'automatically step' at about 5 degrees per 'click' on its control box knob, but you can stop its rotation manually. The current Channel Master programmable rotor can be set in 1 degree increments, however, some versions are prone to failure and parts for foreign-made rotors are virtually unavailable.

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