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I have gotten rid of cable and switched to an antenna but I would like to get more channels than I do now. I live in an apartment so I need something that I can put in my living room.

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At minimum, I need to get the first 8 channels on the list and would really like to get channel 13 (Digital 4.1).

Currently I am using this antenna:

I am receiving all the channels down to 11 except 15, which is one that I really want.



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I can't find any specs for that antenna, but it does appear to be capable of getting VHF-hi (Channels 7-13 RF) as well as UHF. I suspect that it may be the amplifier that is causing your problem. Channel 15 (NBC 6) is quite strong and the amp may be overloading your tuner.

You may want to try an un-amplified antenna like the Winegard FlatWave - 35 mile range or the Solid Signal HDBLADE . Get an extra length of coax (The HDBLADE has a very short coax!) so you can try it in various locations. Mounting in a south window or on an exterior south wall should produce good results.
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I think Mr Pogi is right. It's possible to be over-amplified, although if you go for extra length on your coax you will sacrifice reception quality. Connecting multiple coaxes functions the same as connecting multiple extension cords. You'll lose performance for each connection.

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