Question: Antenna Signal Help



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I can't receive my local ABC station. I get every other station crystal clear. I'm using an RCA multi directional antenna with a 60 mile range. It's currently in my living room window. Any help would be appreciated.


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Is the RCA antenna one of those flat panel jobs. Try moving it around to different locations, but you may need an antenna with more VHF gain. Like a RCA ANT112, or if you can, a roof mount like a RCA ANT751R or an Antennas Direct C2-V.


Yes, it KTUL, and yes it is one of the flat antennas. I don't know why I have a hard time with that channel. I pick up KJRH even though it has a lower NM rating (according to TV Fool). I may just need to get one of the different antennas you recommended.
Guest, my comment about the range was a joke. Range figures in general are BS (Brittany Spears) garbage. There's no way the RCA flat antenna is any better than the Mohu or the Winegard. Those flat antennas have very limited gain. In fact, lower gain than the old fashioned rabbit ear / loop combo that used to be very popular. However, they can work well for people who need to get an antenna flat up against a window.

KTUL is the lowest frequency in your lineup, and the lower the frequency, the less a small, flat antenna can do for you. It's that simple. The two suggestions from dkr: "a roof mount like a RCA ANT751R or an Antennas Direct C2-V" were excellent.