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I'm looking to mount an antenna either inside (preferably attic) or outside at approximately 15 ft in height. I have a pretty clear unobstructed view of the southern sky at roof level. I played around with a MOHU leaf antenna that I have and was able to pull in the local nbc and fox signals in hd and a few other standard signal stations from the ground level inside. I was hoping I could get away with using just one antenna to grab all the major affiliates in hd, but based on my tv fool report: TV Fool, I'm not sure. Could someone please suggest an antenna that would also possibly pull in all the uhf and vhf hd stations?


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:welcome: rdiz92,

The stations to your north are not particularly promising at 15 feet antenna elevation but some of those to your SW thru SE are very viable. Is XETV Channel 6 important to you? It, among others in your reception area are still transmitting analog signals rather than digital.

In your situation, I think we need to see a list of stations you 'need' to receive and a second list of those you would also 'like' to be able to receive. I live in Seattle, so I (also) want to receive stations from a different Country, since they happen to be in my neighborhood.




Thanks for the response and welcome. If I mount the antenna on the roof I should be able to gain another 5-8 feet, but would prefer the attic which has plenty of space. The Channel 6 sd is not that important and I think the 6 dt signal may be too difficult. I'm really looking to gain the following digital signals in my area to include 18, 19, 8, 30, 10 and 40. Any other digital signals received would be nice but not necessary.



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Install a Winegard HD7696P antenna with a Antennas Direct CPA-19 preamp aimed at 151 degree magnetic compass , Above The Roof.
This would be a good choice - as long as there's nothing below channel 7 that you want. All your analogs are probaly from south of the border, and you can learn aboout their digital transition here: List of digital television deployments by country - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Eventually, all the Mexican analogs will go away, and I suspect that most will go to UHF or VHF hi after a period of simulcasting both analog and digital.


All this is real easy to look up on tvfool. 99% of the border mexican stations on the mexican side are now digital and transmitting on VHF high band 7 turu 13 and UHF band 14 thru 51. And the programing is spanish language. The american stations are easy to lookup at . tvfool , query , antennaweb , antennapoint , wikipedia , , Install the HD7696P and CPA-19 preamp. Here is how to aim antennas , Which way to point a TV or FM antenna.
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