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im wondering if mutipal antenas can be connected together ? lets say 2 in oposite direction. any ideas appreciated.


Sure can. Buy a 2-way antenna combiner from Radio Shack and two equal lengths of coax and hook 'em up to your down lead cable. Be sure to separate the antennas at least four feet apart to avoid interference.

As long as your signals are strong, you won't lose any stations due to combiner loss.


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im wondering if mutipal antenas can be connected together ? lets say 2 in oposite direction. any ideas appreciated.
Suzzie, if the two antennas happen to be on different bands. This means one is VHF only and one is UHF only. They can be combined with a UVSJ, which is inexpensive device that looses less signal than a normal signal splitter run backwards as a combiner.

Note that it only works if the antennas are as above on separate bands.

If they are on the same band, then just as Tim58hsv says use a combiner backwards.

If the two antennas are inside any splitter run backwards as a combiner will work.

Use this one for antennas on the same band and it's outside, if you can afford to order it. It mounts right on the antenna pole, Winegard CC 7870 2-Way Antenna Joiner Coupler (CC7870) | CC-7870 [Winegard]

But if one of your antennas is UHF only and the other VHF only, you can "join" them instead of combining, with this Pico Macom UVSJ UHF VHF Band Separator/Combiner for Antenna (UVSJ) | UVSJ [Pico Macom]

As important is like Tim58hsv says to make the two coaxes from the antennas to the combiner or joiner the same length. Also they should be the same type of coax, and best if bought at the same time, or made from the same piece or roll of coax.


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That sounds great, i have to rotate so this may eliminate the trouble of that.thankyou.
another problem im haveing is one minuet i have 11 channels at once comming in great and then the next minuet i can't get crap. or i change channel and come back and nothing. my set up is rite i have a 100 mile antenna 30ft high,rotor with inside radio shack amp, 60ft coax to tv. my stations are 60 - 65 miles away.i have a CM 7777 on order that i hope will atleast help but till then any sugestions would be greatly appreciated.
How many channels are you getting?


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Suzzie, is that a Gators logo!! Boo! :p

With the conditions you've posted, the CM 7777 may or not be helpful. Do you split the signal off to different TVs in your house or just one TV?


32 channels here. Had 34 but the two channels 12's went to vhf so they're gone for now. Check out the screen caps in my photo album if you'd like.

Like the winegard joiner Piggie mentioned, the CM7777 can be used as a combiner too if you have separate uhf/vhf antennas.

That's a great preamp and what I use too. My set up includes two antennacraft U4000's mounted in the attic, a Radio Shack combiner, fed into the uhf port of the CM7777, and 25 feet of coax to multiple splitters. The preamp improved the reception on all channels (the furthermost being 54 miles) and brought in channel 14 and its four subchannels without needing to move the antenna. While a preamp wont make an antenna more powerful, it does seem to make them less directional.

BTW, 60 feet of cable+channels 60 and more miles away ain't a good combination. Adding the CM7777 should make the cable length negligible and give you a much stronger signal.