Review: AntennaCraft U8000 8 Bay UHF Antenna HDTV Bow Tie

AntennaCraft U8000 8 Bay UHF Antenna HDTV Bow Tie U-8000
this is the one I use and pick most of my stations from 50-60 miles away This antenna is well built and light weight it has no wire grid like the channel master which makes it have a little less forward gain 12db but if weight and wind load are an issue this is a good choice in an 8 bay UHF. I also use a wine guard 4800 pre amp which gives a 28 db gain with a 2.7 db noise factor, and a Channel Master 9521A Programmable Rotator this antenna has a narrow beam of 15 degrees which means if your transmitters are greater than 15 degrees apart you will need a rotator This is the setup I use and here in central NC. I receive 35 digital channels with the antenna at 30 ft. :)))