Antennas Direct C2-V-CJM ClearStream 2-V or ClearStream4?



The ClearStream 4 antenna is about $20 more than the C2-V-CJM but it doesn't look like it does both UHF and VHF. Does anyone know what the advantage of the C2-V-CJM has over the C2-V-CJM?
The C2V is a short-medium range UHF/high VHF antenna. The C4 is a long-range UHF-only antenna. "CJM" stands for ClearStream J-Mount which s the 20" universal mount that is used with some of the smaller antennas. Antennas Direct offers a variety of retail packages, some include, others don't, the CJM. Read the specific product listing.

You need to select the configuration (plus accessories, if needed) based on YOUR location and the stations in your area.
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