Antennas Direct Clearstream 4


So, I went to a scratch n dent store on a whim... I head to the electronics area, and there they have... 5 Antennas Direct Clearstream 4's marked at $60 each, but the sign I read when I walked in stated 50% off store-wide!

Also I noticed 1 Clearstream 2V. I picked up the Clearstream 4, I'm going back tonight to get the 2V it's only $32.50.

Nothing else, I got some pretty nice parts to play antenna lego's with! :p The Clearstream 4 is putting my hard work to shame... I would like to rig up a Clearstream 6V but for now I will put the 2V on the roof, without any hesitation from the landlord I'm certain, even if I make the CS4 a bit wider forging some 6V I will have to put too much more thought into that tho, maybe I will get lucky, or some already great advice!

Considering the 2V on the roof, and the CS4 in the window if needed for UHF, it literally gets all the stations I am going for, but not the Canada stations. Odd that my antenna's pull in Canada, but then again, my antenna's aren't 100% stable on Canada channels, as that relies a lot on water refraction, and weather.

Any thoughts? Am I selling myself short going this route? I figure I can sell the antenna's online if nothing else.


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