Antennas Direct Wants Your Horrible Cable Stories


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Your horror story may win you a new TV and antenna.

The written word has the power to free the body, mind and soul from the chains they abhor. Antennas Direct, a champion for cord-cutters, is calling on anyone who has ever been violated by the cable company to share their tales of horror with the world. In an effort to expose the depravities of the cable companies and bolster the over-the-air movement, the HDTV antenna manufacturer is dispatching an essay contest exclusively through Facebook.

Horrible Cable Stories Sweepstakes, which will be fielding essays from November 19th through December 19th, will allow each applicant to channel their inner R.L. Stein, recalling their own personal accounts of decadence and torment. To enter go to, click on Horrible Cable Stories Sweepstakes tab, submit your essay and share your horror story with your friends on Facebook.

The voting portion of the sweepstakes will begin on December 20th and will close on December 27th. The tales that receive the most votes will be entered for chance to win the prize package. The winner will be announced on December 30th.
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Meanwhile many Americans have cable TV stockholm syndrome where they continue their relationship with their abuser despite the abuse. Cable companies seem to depend on it, and even seem to relish in it. "What us? Improve our quality and service? Why? You just have to have your HBO and ESPN no matter how bad it looks."

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