Any favorite Television commercials?

Although I already stated in my previous thread that there are a lot of commercials that tend to irritate me, but there are also some others that I never seem to get sick of seeing.

Do you have any favorite television commercials, or do you hate them all?


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Some are good -- the big fancy Bud Clydesdales are always good. I still love the Energizer bunny. Aflac's duck with Carl Edwards I enjoy. Some of the Geico ones are among the best these days.


I stated elsewhere I do enjoy the new Geico commercials with the "James Bond" type character. I do recall the very enjoyable Miller Light commercials of some years ago along with the Budweiser commercials as well. The e-trade use of the talking babies is really excellent both in the technology to appear to be talking but also the scripts are really funny. Funny commercials stick with me longer and make me feel better about the company as well.


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I cant think of who it is for....
V8 mayb ?

the one with the teacher and grade school kids ?
The rabbit died, and he's like Oh well..

Then after he drinks the V8 or whatever it is,
The kids r like, The Rabbit died....
He grabs 2 balloons and rubs them in his hair and shocks the Rabbit back to life....

I always LMAO....

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There is an entertaining Commercial running in Washington State for S.H.A.G. (Senior Housing Assistance Group) and both Julie and I turn the volume UP whenever it comes on.

Four Senior Citizens full of life much like in the movie Caccoon, sing to the camera while playing putt-putt-golf, exercising on stationary bikes and visiting Parks. Adorable! I wish someone would put it on You Tube. Below is the SHAG website.
Senior Housing Assistance Group
A few of my favorites include a lot of those 1990's beer commercials, although most commercials suck these days.

Sadly I really cannot think of too many recent commercials that I like, besides a few of the Geico commercials...although I hate a lot of em.