Any HBO show that you just can't stand?


I've thought about this and really, I can't think of even one show that I really despise on HBO. I can think of a ton on other channels though. Anyone else?


DTVUSA Jr. Member
I totally disagree about Da Ali G show- I cant believe anyone can hate that show. He is a genius! You should get a better sense of humor
I disagree on Ali G show, I compared it to another wanna be gangster movie named Malibu's most wanted which had plenty of guest stars which had only very corny jokes unlike Ali G which was very funny in my opinion.


Ali G is a pretty funny guy to be honest. Guess you're not into his sense of humor and his tendancy to go off topic. I laughed when a guy explaining evolution to him said we were homo-sapiens.

"'ey 'ey' ey, you just called me a homosexual!"