Any hope for me?


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Hello all! After lurking here over a year I finally decided to register and come out of the shadows.

I live in northwest Kansas. While the terrain here is fairly flat I'm just not real close to any transmitters. However I still plan to put up an outdoor antenna just for the sake of enjoying any free TV I might get. I have on hand (and already paid for) a Winegard 8200U antenna, a Channel Master 7777 preamp, and a Channel Master 9521A rotator. For the cable I will most likely buy the length I need from Denny's Antenna Service.

I figure it should be interesting to put everything together and see what happens. Any suggestions or pointers? I realize most channels I will only see occasionally (via tropo and other conditions) but I'm hoping to at least get channels 12 and 26 continually.

Here's my TV Fool.

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:welcome: ksnetv!

Your TVFOOL report is certainly not promising at 25 feet about ground level. I suggest you rerun it at 35' (a ten foot mast above a 2-story house) or even higher. There are telescopic masts available up to 50' assuming you are willing to establish serious guy wires: that might make 65' above ground level possible.