any idea what caused this, - DirecTV DVR

For any idea what caused this,, relating to DirecTV DVRs and receivers. Tech due out tomarrow to repair, Multiple problems

Hello everyone hope you have a good day,
any idea what caused this,
Was told your not recieving any High defination signal,
Did the following test W/phone "tech" help,

West to Sat & Ant & ran Signal Strength,
Sat 101 ,,
Satallite transponder strength 1-32 read signal from a low of 75 to a high of 88

Sat 119 trans strength 17-24 82,
but 25-32 read 54,86,85,82,35,82,35,88

Sat 99 read ALL N/A

Sat 103 read either N/A or 0

Sat 103 all N/A

yesterday everything seems ok,then about 4pm pictures on a cple of station,(local HD ABC & Fox)
would show pict top to bottom in middle of screen,but both side were black,

also noticed satallite arms,(LNB's) were not pointed to the same location as the standard dish was,

lastly where the Oval Mounting hardware & dish was mounted on the 5 ft pole,(previously installed)
the base mount was bigger then the pole, so the DIRECTV rep that installed used carboad (around the pole & duct tape)
to make the pole wider / thicker so that the oval dish mount would sit snugly onto the pole, (yea looks sloppy)
1, Any idea why high defination signal lost,
2, Is there a lite or ? on the reciever front to show when your recieving/not recieving the HD signal ?

Thank you again for the help, & will keep you updated ,,,"take care,ok? "AAUS"
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