Any plans to add "Heroes and Icons" Network? - Time Warner TV

This question is about "Any plans to add "Heroes and Icons" Network?", with Time Warner Cable TV and apps. I've requested this channel numerous times throughout the months, as have a number of friends and family members. I've even called about it. It's owned by Weigel, who broadcast the popular MeTV, along with the lesser known "Decades" network.

H&I airs crime, action, and sci-fi classics. Their claim to fame online is that they are the only network that airs all 5 Star Trek series and The Animated Series from the early 70's. You would think that fact alone would make them popular enough to get TWC/Charter's attention. My TWC airs the local H&I affiliate's main channel and 2 of its 3 subchannels, with the exception of H&I. The affiliate tells me TWC has balked at this netowrk on our system for months, despite their repeated attempts at convincing them.

I get it through a long-range roof antenna, but I still think the cable company should carry it for all customers.

Has anyone heard if Charter is considering it in Legacy TWC areas?

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