Any problems with the new iOS 7.1


I updated my iPhone and have had no problems. A lot of others, however, are having crazy problems. One of the bugs is an upside-down keyboard. Rapid battery drain is another along with no Bluetooth. How about you?

"From Apple's own discussion forums, one user said, "overnight charge decreased from 100 percent to 30 percent." Meanwhile, others have seen similar drops in battery life. Another user said: "My battery drains to 50 percent within an hour or so after intense use on the lowest level of brightness, and I seem to lose about 5-7 percent when on standby for 5 hours or so."

Others said they had 24 hours of moderate to heavy use, but now get half that. Some saw even more dramatic drops in their battery life. One forum member said, "I just charged the battery to 60 percent an hour ago... but now is 36 percent.""

Zdnet has a full account

Of course there are the Apple-haters that use these glitches to mock. I am not devoted to Apple but we do have three iPhones and an iPad. I am pretty happy with these products.
Everytime I update my phone, I notice a significant decrease in the power and speed. It's a real bummer but until someone comes up with an equal competitive product, I'm going to keep with my iPhone and Macbook Pro :(