Any reason in buying a streaming Blu-ray player if I already have a Roku?


I'm in the market for a new Blu-ray player. Most of the new ones made by Panasonic that come with 3D also have built-in wifi and smart technology and streaming apps. Does it make any sense to buy one of these or should I look at an older one since I already have a Roku 2 XS?
a Roku 2 is very slow and mediocre compared to a Panasonic blu-ray. If you spend less than $75 i would say buy it now and sell the Roku or better yet throw it away. My Panasonic gets internet, more apps than Roku3, has quicker speeds than the Roku3 (I sold), my PS4, or my Wii.
Roku simply gives you services and apps you'll never use and ignores the one's you actually want. For instance Roku offers ZERO I repeat 0 sports options, whereas my Panasonic blu-ray gets ESPN and MLB.....


Oh wow, I never knew that about the Roku. But if I were you I would get the panasonic blu-ray player because, as the above person said it gets more stuff. I actually love the panasonic blu-ray player we had.


I think it depends on what type of services you want. If you're satisfied with the Roku, and can save money by getting a different Blu-Ray player, then I would personally do that.

I haven't had any such problems with my Roku, so I don't know why anyone would suggest throwing a working Roku out! Either keep it for a second TV, sell it, give it to a friend, or donate it to charity... but throwing out something that works is wasteful.

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