Any Star Trek fans on board?



There have been so many shows since the original Star Trek aired in the 1960's. I have watched them all; The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise and all the movies inbetween. What are some of your favorite shows and characters. A couple of my favorite characters have been Jonathan Frakes and Robert Beltran.


"Beam me up Scottie" has been heard for many years even by those who aren't hard core Star Trek fans. Don't those original tri-corders look familiar? We use them now as cell phones. When I personally watch the original Star Trek Series, it looks so cheaply made. Compared to the newer models it looks like it was shot in a cardboard box. The controls aboard the model ship are fake, the windows are just pictures. But Star Trek wasn't the only show that started out with a cheap looking set. There was also Lost in Space and a couple of others that I can't think of at the moment. I do feel that they improved with each new series that came out.


I like the movies on Star Trek way better than that on TV. Some how, I like it that much only. I think on TV, there has been unnecessary stretch of the story. :)


It is pretty awesome watching the movies in the theater with surround sound. I heard they have new one coming out next year. Does anybody know anything about the storyline?


I can't believe we don't have more Star Trek fans on board. Have they all been beamed into outer space? Just kidding, I know we have other sites dedicated to Trekkies. But, it would be nice if we could talk about some of the Star Trek shows here that we love. Star Trek has had such a great showing over the past 40 years. It is amazing all the spin-offs that have developed off the original show and how more advanced the special effects are getting. My favorite ones are probably Voyager, Star Trek TNG, & Deep Space Nine.


I don't know why this is under the ABC channels. I usually see Star Trek on the Sci-Fi channel or I used to watch it on Spike until the commericals became XXX rated. Yeah, I like all the Star Trek shows, movies, off shoots, etc.


Star Trek upgraded versions

Since my local ABC station began running the original Star Trek late on Saturday and Sunday nights. I have noticed it on many of the ABC stations across the country. I can pick them up off of a couple of satellites so it must be an ABC thing. I have been watching it some and have noticed that it has been changed some since the original version.

Somebody has updated the special effects. Now when you see the Enterprise in space it is a much clearer and detailed image of the space ship and the space around it. It is a little more of an impressive scene than it use to be especially on a digital TV even though it is not HD. I have also seen it in recent years on the SciFi channel and I think that they are not running this upgraded special effects version. Apparently they are running the version with more of the program edited out to make room for the commercials.

Last Sunday nights episode was the one where they placed the satellites around a planet. These satellites was to produce a light that would destroy some creatures that was invading peoples bodies. I don't know how many times I have seen this as well as other episodes over the years. It has been quit a few.

Previously in this episode they talked about launching the satellites and lighting them off. It was one of those things that you did not see. Sunday night I noticed that a scene has been added showing the Enterprise dropping out the satellites around the planet. Then a later scene showed the satellites lighting up.

It is not really a big deal but I noticed it is new and I liked seeing it.

Having a low budget to make Star Trek eliminated much of the special effects that may have otherwise been there as to the technology of the time. What made the show so good in spite of lack of funds and lots of network pressure was the excellent writing and acting.

The network that canceled the original Star Trek has probably regretted it many times. I certainly hope so. The reason that it was probably canceled was because it was determined that few people was watching it. The reason they did not watch it was because many local stations did not run it during prime time. Many of the stations ran something else in the prime time slot and then ran Star Trek late Saturday or Sunday night. Much of the time many of the local stations did not run it at all.

Those stations had the attitude that no one would want to see Science Fiction. Of course the network apparently did not know that to be the reason that only a few viewers were watching Star Trek according to their people that gathers such statistics. I never did understand how they knew what I was watching since they never asked.

There could have also been other reasons behind its cancellation. At the time, what I just explained was so obvious all across the country. Because of it being ran at such an off time across the country many people that really liked it did not even know that it existed until it was canceled.

The next thing was much later when it was discovered how popular the series was in syndication. So they decided to make Star Trek the Motion Picture. Then they decided not to make it and about that time Star Wars was released and enjoyed great success.

Back in those days science fiction was almost unheard of. There was lots of SciFi fans. The problem was that the movie makers and TV producers decided that no one would want to see science fiction.

Star trek was canceled in about 1968 or 69 and as I said it was very popular in syndication for years. Then in 1979 Star Wars did so well that they decided to make the Star Trek movie.

Now with the success of Star Trek and Star Wars they made movies like ET and Close Encounters of The third Kind. Those two alien movies transformed Americans into believing in the possibility of life on other worlds and it also sparked the science fiction trend.

With this new trend they came along with a large budget for Battlestar Galactica. Battlestar had the budgeting, the support, the actors and the special effects for the time and it flopped. Since it seemed to have everything else it must have been poorly written. At that time Lorne Green and many of the guest stars were very big names.

That is enough history, many of you probably knew most of that anyway. I do like the new Star Trek special effects.

I am not sure that I like being old enough to remember history.
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Wow!!!! Sparks that is the most incredible post I have ever read and I have read a lot over the years. Thank you for so much detail. You did a wonderful job. Have you considered a career in writing?

Thank you for the information. I didn't know it ran on ABC TV, so I will be checking that out as well. Thanks again.


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So they decided to make Star Trek the Motion Picture. Then they decided not to make it and about that time Star Wars was released and enjoyed great success.
I'm a bigger fan of the movies than the old TV show. Maybe because of the budget. I'm with hippychick on The Next Generation, there's so much more in the way of story, and (ahem) dialog.


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I just love Star Trek. I wish I had the money to collect the series and the movies. But, we don't. So, I just watch the reruns when I can. As you can tell by my name that Star Trek Voyager is my favorite. I adore Captain Janeway and Chakotay.


I liked these shows as a kid a lot, I used to follow each and every show as I foud them very exciting and thrilling. I have watched the movies also but the charm has faded out now.


Yeah, I guess you're right. After a few years of watching the same episodes and the same show over and over again, we got tired of them too. There for awhile the only one we could get was Deep Space Nine and The Next Generation. We watched them so many times, by the time Voyager came back on the scene, we thought we had hit the jackpot.


Count me in! I hate the x rated commecials, too, on Spike, but I still tape voyager and fast forward through those things. I also tape Deep Space Nine. Then there's TNG on Sci Fi. Did you know on Christmas day there will be a TNG marathon? I'll tape all those, too! I really need to buy the DVDs of all the series, then I wouldn't have to worry about taping all these!
I love the old Star Trek with captain Kurt and Spark. Spark was always so logical with a hint of humanity in him. The new Star Trek is ok, but its the old one for me.

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i'm totally hooked by this amazing show.One i started 2 watch it, i just can't help to stay up for it.when i got a job,i bought a dvd set by my first month salary.
I LOVE Star Trek: Voyager. i like seeing a female captain in a lead role. just like the reason i love Cold Case.

I also loved the original series, TNG (The Next Generation) the movies, however, the only ones i didn't like were Deep Space Nine (too much like a daytime soap) and Enterprise (though i'm trying hard to give it a chance). Voyager is one of my daytime fixes. i got a few select episodes i play over and over (esp Timeless, one great one, too) and i like the Doctor (EMH Mark 1, esp when he gets to see his creator and their personalities collide lol) did you know the Doctor in Voyager imitates Dr McCoy from the original series? 'I'm a doctor, not a battery!' 'I'm a Doctor, not a zookeeper.'

In the movie, starring the Next Generation crew (First Contact, there's an EMH Mark 1 (same actor as Voyager, too, Robert Picardo, and it uses a Voyager sickbay set) and he says 'This isn't part of my program, i'm a doctor, not a doorstop!'

I really loved Leonard 'Bones' McCoy from the original series. one of my favorite characters, esp when he was arguing with Spock ('You green blooded, inhuman!').

Famous lines:

'He's DEAD, Jim!' (used so many times it's always guaranteed to make me laugh)

'It's worse than dead, his BRAIN is gone!' (Spock's Brain)

He was always so serious and had a straight face. i wonder how many times he had to do retakes, i can guess he cracked up many times during the taping.

RIP DeForest Kelley
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There have been so many shows since the original Star Trek aired in the 1960's. I have watched them all; The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise and all the movies inbetween. What are some of your favorite shows and characters. A couple of my favorite characters have been Jonathan Frakes and Robert Beltran.
likewise here..i ahve seen all of them..not failing ever since..and even bought some dvd's so that i can watch on my free time..