Question: Any way to prevent unwanted channels taking over channel numbers.


In my market, 21.1 is an auxiliary channel for channel 11.1, but on two occasions recently, keying in 21.1 brought up a Spanish-language channel I'd never seen before. This sort of channel-switch has happened on other channels, too, although not on the four major network channels In each case,.I could restore the desired channel only by running the automatic channel-search. It found about 80 channels, and I had to run through the list and "hide" most of them -- namely all the Spanish channels and a few others.


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Are you typing in the channel from the remote?

I don't know if it is the same for your TV, but I have duplicates of many channels. I set up in my channel list to leave out some channels I don't want. You may be able to do the same thing, or if your TV has a feature like "favorite channels" set that up with only the desired channels. If I type in, say, 11.1 from the remote, it brings up "the wrong channel", but if I pick a channel from my favorites or channel list (guide) it always goes to the correct channel.

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:welcome: Lemastre,

May we assume you are receiving free TV using an antenna? If so, it appears you have two channels that map to the same 'virtual' channel and it may be possible to eliminate one of them by using a different (directional) antenna or by reorienting your existing antenna: in either case, the idea is to have your antenna reject the unwanted channel and still receive the wanted channel.

Please go to TV Fool and fill in the information including your current antenna height above ground level. Then, copy the resulting URL and post it here for us to study. That website will conceal your personal information.

We also need to know the type of antenna you are currently using and where its located: set-top, attic, or rooftop.

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