Anybody still watch PBS?


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PBS. All day long, for the kids. Free, commercial free, and educational.
At night, Dr. Who, Red Green, Red Dwarf, Nova, Austin City Limits, Frontline, Nature, the list goes on.

I have access to 4 PBS affiliates and their subchannels, for a total of 13 channels - if you count NPR and V-Me in the list.

Best bargain on the tube.
Yip love PBS watch them heaps. They transmit 4 channels (or in FCC lingo the train carriage is fall) here on WGBY WGBY Digital Program Schedules . They are pushing the bits to the limit but it doesn't look to bad at all IMHO. Programming is great.

Seeing as I have cut cable I now donate (tax deductible) annually to WGBY $52 (=$1/week) to support their programming seeing as I'm watching them OTA a lot.

If you watch PBS and have cut cable I recommend you consider giving your local station some support to help keep them on air. $1/week ($52) is a bargain.

WGBY HD = News/Drama/Doco's
WGBY World = Discovery/History Channel
WGBY Kids= Kids/Travel
WGBY Create = Cooking/Gardening/Crafts/Painting


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I watch plenty of PBS myself, and went so far as to get a new FTA satellite dish to get all the PBS feeds I wanted. Dr. Who, Red Green Show, News Hour, McLaughlin Group, Nova, Frontline...

- Trip

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We have two PBS affiliates available offering free OTA. KBTC is based from the Bates Technical Institute in Tacoma, WA and they are celebrating their 50th year. They have two subchannels. KCTS is based from the University of Washington in Seattle (Go Huskies) and they offer two subchannels.

We watch many of the shows listed above as well as This Old House and The Antique Roadshow.



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I watch Nova on PBS and some of their science programming. I couldn't care less about their political/current affairs programming.

Sometimes we let the kids watch the PBS kids channel. It's good, and it's free, although admittedly we watch PBS Kids sprout more which is only on pay TV.

As far as affiliates go we have WNET and NJTV WNJN (owned by WNET).


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Big PBS fan here...and NPR. I just wish they could bring a little more balance to the line up. Intelligent and smart doesnt = Leftwing.

News, Politics, Science, Nature, Mystery, Sherlock Holmes


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Everything I want to watch has pledge breaks in it so I don't watch very often. I get sick of those. The last things I watched were the holiday specials for Celtic Woman and Celtic Thunder.
As a recent convert back to OTA, I'd say you almost can't help but run across PBS at some point...and I have mixed feeling about the whole thing....I think I agree with just about ever post on here, BUT believe that within their structure could have more interesting programming...they should have taken Nova and branched it off as a channel into itself and created programming that gave it more of a "Discovery Channel" feel...(the old Discovery) with nothing but Science, Science Tech and Nature based programming...would be WAY more interesting and well hell it might actually drag in a few more visitors...I'd watch it more.....


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Maybe. I'm not sure what they need to do these days. I think most of what I watch now are the entertainment specials. Last night I watch the Don McLean troubadour special, for example. I do recall watching more documentaries a couple of decades ago. None of the current crop seems that appealing although they did a great Titanic special this month with Len Goodman that was riveting in my opinion.