Anybody try a speech-to-text program yet?


Wonder how well they work. Does speech-to-text software recognize and account for grammar? Circuit City has the Dragon NaturallySpeaking Version 10 for $24. Pretty cheap, I may buy just to try out, but then again money isn't as easy to come by these days either.
I could never speak so clearly enough to make it come out without the 'uhm's and 'wait! i didn't mean that!! oh, frak!' showing up lol

If i could only speak as well as Commander Adama does on his logs. but i can't. if you can do radio talk well enough i'd say go for it. otherwise it picks up mistakes and also white noise from anything. try having a sentence just show a cat going [meow] or such. kinda annoying.

I'd rather have my computer respond to commands the way it does on Star Trek. 'Computer! open Internet explorer!'


Certain dialects and heavy accents might not work too well, so you might have to work on getting a more neutral accent if you want to get the best use out of it.


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So it speaks Californian, heh?

I wonder if in the future, this will kill dialects as we try to communicate with our computers and robots.