Anyone been able to get a new UVerse promo or is it time to leave ATT? - DirecTV

My yearly new promotion dance is about to start and already I am dreading the phone call to customer service who cannot do anything but offer me DirectTV. Is it even worth trying, or should I just cancel completely? We will not be switching to Directtv because we do not want satellite, the whole appeal of Uverse was that it was not satellite and used to be a good deal.

Our bill has gone up every year, even with promotions (after being a loyal uverse customer for 10 years through multiple moves in 2 different states) and now that it seems they would like to get rid of Uverse it seems like there are no reasonable retention promos.

So I guess the question is, should I even try for a new deal or is $10 dollars off my 50 dollar jump going to be the best they can do? It should take 3 phone calls and email support to get a decent cable price. Anyone had a different experience lately or is it time to cut the cord?

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