Anyone Care? Mr Inbetween s2E3 missing



Folks in my household got busy this weekend. Late Sunday, a couple of them finally sat down to watch FX’s Mr Inbetween S2E3 from last Thursday. They had to stop 5 or 10 minutes in once the rest of us insisted on watching something live. We told them to OnDemand it Monday.

Phrases inherited from their forebears, of earthy dissatisfaction, not fit for hearing by the politer crowd that visits this forum, uttered forth from their potty mouths when not only was S2E3 missing from Recently Viewed, but missing from all menus. I explained that Comcast intended to delete it but they failed to replace it with a commercial shortened version.

Here it is, Tuesday, and it is still missing (HD and SD, Legacy, can’t speak for X1; it is available for online viewers) and I am getting tired of all the verbal discord and feeling like I joined the Navy.

Who’s a sailor, then? Me I guess!

But I doubt any other party gives much of a petutie given the track record recently.

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