Anyone control bluray w/ RC72 remote? - DirecTV

I'm wondering if anyone has had success controlling their bluray player with the RC72 or RC73 remote - as in controlling play, pause, rewind, ff, etc - not just volume and on/off. If you have this working, can you post your bluray model?

The reason I'm asking, I'm in the market for a second bluray player for the bedroom. I thought it would be a good idea if I could find a model that works with my RC72 remote. For one, it'll save the money of having to buy a universal remote. And two, I really like the RC72 remote. In terms of ergonomics, I think it's the best remote I've ever used. When I put it in my hand, my thumb goes right to the buttons I use 99% of the time - play, pause, go back 10 seconds, rewind, ff. I don't know why more remotes aren't setup this way.

I have the HR44-700 receiver and TV is a Sanyo FW43D25F. The DirecTV remote setup lists alot of different bluray models. I'm wondering if I happen to have one of the listed models and I use that preset code, how much control does that give you over the bluray player? Is it only volume and on/off? Or can you also control play, pause, rewind, etc?


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