Anyone else offered TWO $200 visa reward cards? - DirecTV

I called the number on the DirecTV offer from the mail which led to Direct Star TV sales. This was in December after getting a 4K tv. The salesman offered me ONE $200 Visa card. When I hesitated to sign up he offered TWO $200 Visa rewards cards. Long story short, I didn't get TWO after all. Has this happened to anyone else?
It has to be a common sales tactic. I say this because I called once before Thanksgiving to inquire about bundling internet and DirecTV. The nice saleswoman jumped to offer me TWO $200 Visa cards when I said I wanted to call back after I researched the Excede internet she offered. I didn't Bite and she never called back.
I'm currently waiting for a call back after somone reviews the actual recorded sales call. I wonder if he was selective on the record button?

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