Anyone ever buy a TV online?

We're looking to put a new smaller TV in each of the kids rooms. Something like a 22" to 26". Found a pretty good price on a Toshiba 26" from but I'm a little unsure about shipping and handling by the time it goes from their docks to my house. :bathbaby:


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I've bought a few 21" LCD monitors online before. Never had any problems with shipping. buy has a pretty good return policy too from what I recall just in case you're not happy with it, but if you're only spending $300-$400, I'm sure you can find a pretty good deal at Costcto, Best Buy, or any other retailer around you.

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I bought my Sony XBR-7 (sort-of) online just before last Christmas. First, I researched different models and brands for hours and decided on what I wanted, then watched the sale prices after Thanksgiving: the sales were pretty flat. Then I watched the prices drop toward Christmas. After Christmas, the price dropped again and the same after New Years. Time to buy.

I found an e-bay Power-Seller with a stellar review: he had the second lowest price and FREE shipping. I called him and arranged to purchase directly from his 'physical' store, not his e-bay store, and since it was out-of-State, I bypassed almost 10% sales tax. Ultimately, the set was discounted over $700 under the price (including shipping and taxes) many online sellers were sticking to at the time. Well worth the trouble to shop!
PS I opted for shipping insurance @ around $75.00 additional.
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We've ordered two 26-inch panels, from Costco and Newegg, and had no problems at all. The packing inside both cartons looked exactly the same as it would if we'd picked them up at the B&M store. Neither panel arrived damaged in any way. Verify that you're getting sufficient insurance with the shipping. That way, damage mitigation becomes the the transport carrier's responsibility.


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I haven't as yet but might in the future. I'd make sure it was from a reputable company and that the insurance was appropriate. I'd read a lot of reviews as well.
Speaking from experience and as a Costco member, Costco has one of the best return policies in the country. I would be very willing to buy something online from them if they didn't have it in the store because of their return policy.