Anyone have experience with audio extraction technologies?

I have an older SD-DVD 5.1 surround sound system, and I just don't want to spend the several hundred dollars to replace it with Blu-Ray. I'd also like to get my TV audio output through the sound system's speakers, even if it would just be stereo, not surround. It has HDMI and Digial Optical outs, but my audio system doesn't have either as inputs.

So one of my regular suppliers at work sends me daily e-mails on new products and sales. This was last night's new product:

Does anyone have experience with items like this? Do they work? Or are they commonly buggy and unreliable? Getting things like football and baseball games on the 300-watt sound system would be a lot more entertaining than the weak-sauce speakers on the back of the TV.

Your thoughts?

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I wish there were more details but if it does what it claims, its exactly what you and I both need. If your HDTV has a socket marked HDMI (ARC) that is the output to use: assuming the Blackbird box 'communicates' with the TV, it will tell the TV to turn off its speakers because it will 'see it' as a Soundbar or "other" audio output.

If you try it, please let us know your results and thanks for the link!

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