apartment not making a MoCa - XFinity

This question is about "apartment not making a MoCa", with XFinity-Comcast television equipment.

I have three Tivos, (bolt, mini and romaio standard) and my own modem (sb6850 and sb6851) to wanting to make a moca with the bolt. the issue is from researching, it seems that either the outside coax cables ( in the shed for all the apartments) might not have a POE filter to my apartment. then from chatting with Comcast, they told me that my modems are not moca. so in that, I researched and noticed that the X1 is a moca to watch recordings from main dvr to the small STBs in other rooms.
question then ( i think) is do I need a POE filter outside on my coax cable and /or
a moca ready modem, like the X1

This topic covered apartment not making a MoCa, and XFinity - Comcast cable tv service.