Aperion Intimus 5T-DB Hybrid HD Reviews

I've been eyeing up this speaker system for quite sometime, but have yet to find many reviews on it's real world performance. Cnet recently did a small write-up on it, but I want to over emphasize "small", as in, probably less than 500 words.

Does anyone actually own any Aperion equipment, or have heard it in person?


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Ouch, these speakers are a little pricey for me. Is there honestly that much of a difference between spending $2,000.00 or $4,000.00 on speakers? If one were to hear the two sets, would he be able to say, "Yep, that sounds like it's worth the extra $2K."? I don't want you to think I'm being a a$$, I'm just curious.


The Intimus 5T-DB Hybrid HD is the perfect home entertainment system for medium to large rooms.It not only looks and sounds right, it's priced right, and Aperion's no-risk, direct-sales policies are hard to beat.