Question: Apex DT250A Digital Converter - No audio, picture ok




I have a Apex DT250A Digital Converter Box. It had been working well for the last couple of months.

About 2 weeks ago the audio started cutting out. This happened a couple of times.

Now I have almost no audio. If I turn up the volume on the box to max and the volume on the TV to max then I can hear the audio very faintly if I sit next to the TV.

The picture is great and closed captioning works great.

To make sure it is not a TV/cable problem I swapped the cables from the DTV converter with that of the DVD player and still no audio. Used the same cable with the DVD player to the same inputs on the TV and I have audio. So it is not the TV or the cable.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Have you tried through the RF output? Does it work?

If not then it's pretty safe to say that it looks like your converter box is hosed.


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+1 what N2RJ said. Not to be a negative Nelly here but odds are your converter box is broke. I've seen countless threads here and other forums about converter boxes that go bad within a couple of years.