App has truncated DVR recordings and wrong utilization readings - XFinity

This issue has been plaguing me for about 2 months, thought I'd finally post.

Have had a X1 setup for 3.5 years at my current home. One DVR and two remote boxes. Often use the TV App on my iPhone and iPad to schedule new recordings and watch recordings. About a month or two ago I noticed the following two problems:

- % used on the app is always ~20% higher than the DVR. App right now shows 96% full while the DVR (and remote boxes) all show 74% full.

- That annoyance is small compared to the main issue which is shows are recorded fine on the DVR but the app only shows a small piece of it. Right now last night's episode of the Walking Dead shows as 13 minutes long both on my iPad and iPhone. If I use the DVR or the remote boxes, the episode is there in full. This has happened multiple times over the past few weeks.

I logged out out and back in. I deleted and reinstalled the app. I rebooted the DVR. Still the same issues. Any suggestions?

This question, "App has truncated DVR recordings and wrong utilization readings," is about XFinity-Comcast TV Television Apps.

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