I made a payment in March & April 2020, only to find out the app never applied payments to my account. This also happened 3 times in 2019. I made a payment yesterday, & this afternoon my cable was disconnected. To my horror, I found out I was $294 in rears, & had to pay this amount to have my cable reconnected. I was credited $6 for reconnect charge & given a $5.99 movie coupon, which can be applied to my future bill. I'm on a fixed low income, & today's chunk of change I had to pay, left me with $150 to get thru to the next month. This entire ordeal caused extreme anxiety. My lesson, check the next day after you make a payment, to insure they received it! When I paid my supposed past due bill last night, the app reflected the correct balanced owed, but today there was no payment received. I'm a 67 yr old woman, recovering from cancer & the ongoing treatments, cause a certain amount of brain fog, but I always make a monthly payment, because I'm home bound & need to be have my cable working. I really feel Comcast should give me at least a $100 credit because there's a flaw in their app/payments. I would appreciate a quick response. Thank you.

This question, "APP NOT TAKING PAYMENTS," is about XFinity-Comcast TV Television Apps.

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