Apparent multipath issues - do I need a second antenna?

First off, thanks for reading. Here is my setup:

TV Fool report: TV Fool
Latitude: 44.013944 Longitude: -88.578984

Winegard 9032 45' up
1.5' RG6 Coax
Winegard LNA-200 Preamp
100' of RG6 Coax
Silicondust HDHomerun Dual (HDHR3)

I'm trying to get Milwaukee stations at around 155 magnetic (green). I'm not concerned about Green Bay (yellow) as I have a second, completely separate antenna / coax / tuner for that. Currently, Milwaukee reception is dismal with signal strength being around 60% and signal quality jumping around 0-35-45% per my tuner. Signal strength is high presumably because of my preamp.

All said, I get bits and pieces, but nothing consistent. I have noticed that reception is better at night for some reason as well.

Looking at the TV Fool report and my antenna gain numbers, I apparently shouldn't have any problems, but alas I do in the real world. Unfortunately, I can't go much higher in the city where I am located so I'm curious if adding another Winegard 9032 will help or if I should go a step further and try large channel-cut antennas.

Any advice is appreciated, thanks.

Edit: I should also mention that i have a relatively small airport 1.5 miles away in Milwaukee's direction. Could that be my issue?

Edit2: Upon more investigation of outside interference, seems there is also an AM radio station across the highway from me (1,160ft) - WNAM 50kw @ 1280kHz:
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First thought was an AM broadcaster shouldn't be a problem. On second thought a 50KW AM at less than one quarter mile could get into anything. RF overload. Have you tried with out the LNA 200. The amplifier will have to be removed, or by passed in order to test with out it. While I do not know this to be true what I have read is the LNA 200 has no RFI shielding to prevent signal ingress. Have you tried a different tuner. House hold RFI is a possibility. The last case of that I read about was a doorbell transformer the one before that was a computer fan. I took time to look up this thread.
It's trouble shooting time I would not rule out anything. Check everything.
The 9032 is really not the right antenna for WLUK 11
I live almost right on a small airport the back fence on this property is the airport security fence. We get an occasional glitch in signal from aircraft. Helicopters cause more interference than airplanes.
The best information I could find on WNAM.
The FCC has granted Cumulus Media's WNAM/1280 (Neenah) an upgrade to 50kW directional daytime. The station's power would remain 5kW directional at night. (7/30/02)


Thanks for the tips Steve. Ironically, I already have a RTL-SDR receiver on it's way so I plan on checking for interference. Not sure how well it will do with the puny antenna it comes with, but it should give me some idea I would hope.

As far as WLUK11, that's in Green Bay on a separate antenna, so I'm not using the 9032 for that. The 9032 is solely for Milwaukee at 155 magnetic (green). I do realize I will not pickup WIWN and WMVS though in Milwaukee with UHF only, but I'm okay with that.

What I think I'll try here tomorrow is taking my tuner outside and connecting it a couple feet from the antenna (bypassing the preamp) and, since it's digital, running a long 100' ethernet cord back into the house. Having it close should prevent line loss and tell me if my preamp is bad. I know I've already had to replace the preamp once as the power injector piece went bad, but I'm curious if the outdoor piece is broken as well. This test should also tell me if my RG6 cable is bad somewhere or picking up RF. It was hard positioning the cable, so it may be nicked somewhere I don't realize.

Also, I have two HDHomerun tuners so I will be able to swap that out as well. Hopefully the RTL-SDR will come soon so I can check RF levels.

I'll report back in a day or two with my results.