Apple or Droid?


I have an Android phone, and I'm happy with it. I don't have anything against Apple, but their phones were far more expensive at the time I got my first Droid, and now that I'm used to it and have invested in apps, I don't see a need to switch. Android is better for people who like to tinker with things like me, while iPhones are probably better for people who aren't terribly tech-savvy and just want something to work without changing the way it looks or behaves.

As for whether they make people lazy or affect them in other ways... I think that it's down to the individual person. If you're dumb, the "smart" phone isn't going to make you smarter. But I think smart people can use them without becoming lazy or stupid.


I've got myself an old Droid which I want to swap for anything really.... It lags as hell. And yeah, smartphones probably do make us a bit lazy, but it was believed that writing made us lazy because we didn't have to remember all the information anymore so...
Personally I don't think my phone is causing me to be lazy but for some people I would say that it is. Phones can do so much now it's easy to operate a full business just from the palm of your hand. I have seen it done on several occasions. I have never owned an Apple phone and to me they seem overrated. I have owned several Android phones and I have enjoyed the Galaxy the most. I'm not much into technology so the features that I use are good enough for me. Of course in a year or two they will blow me away with something else and then I will probably change my mind. Technology gotta love it.


I've got myself a Droid, and I like it enough. I don't have anything against the iPhone, I just know that they both have their perks and I like being different. I'm not enough of a phone person to actually care about the differences.


I've only ever had iPhones, so I'm not qualified to comment on droid. What's probably true is that even if the droid phones were demonstrably better I wouldn't want to change at this point -- there's nothing I want to do with my phone that I can't, and I can't see wanting to learn again from the ground up. Smart phones in general are really phenomenally powerful tools that I'm amazed to say we've all learned to take for granted. They don't make us anything, people make decisions on how to use what they have.