Apple TV for Sunday Church Service

We recently used Apple TV for our Sunday morning church services and it was very successful. We did have a few minor internet drops but nothing we could not fix right away. It is a cheap alternative to some larger performing platforms to run media. What are your thoughts?
Yes, we linked Apple TV to an I pad and ran all of the worship lyrics, sermon notes, and videos directly through the projector. Pretty cool stuff. I was always intimidated by Apple products but am getting more familiar with them.


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Cool. There was an blog posted in the at DTVUSAForum a while back where a teacher had done the same thing too for her students. Always great when technology becomes affordable enough and you're able to do creative things. Anyway, welcome to the forum.
That is pretty cool. I hadn't heard of Apple TV being used to successfully mirror content in that large of a forum before. It does make you wonder how else streaming technology will be used over the next 5 to 10 years!


That's great, I'm not much of a church goer now but when I did use to go I really liked it when I could see the lyrics of what we were singing and things like that, you guys had a nice idea and I'm glad it worked


I actually like when the church actually uses a white screen to show the songs words. But using a Apple TV device was actually a really cool way to do it. Way to go!
We did use the White screen for Lyrics and notes. We had the actual TV on the back wall for the Team, the Apple TV was run from an ipad and then through the projector onto the white screen. Our style of doing church is very non traditional in style so we are always looking into what new technology we can use but in the most affordable way. The mirroring in our case was very successful and inexpensive.


Just came across this post from googling. We are interested in running our whole service with apple tv. What apps did you use? etc.

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